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Albrecht AE-5890EU

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Albrecht AE-5890EU

This new radio from Albrecht the AE5890 is ready for the new UK AM/FM/SSB allocation plus coverage of the existing 40ch UK FM band and all European legal CB bands too!
IMPORTANT NOTE: SSB and AM are now legal to use in the UK, and licensed amateur radio operators can also modify this transceiver to operate on the very popular 10m (28MHz) band.

This great looking and easy to install CB radio has some very useful features including a choice of  7 display panel colours, dual-watch, CH9 and CH19 switching, adjustable power output, and a great LCD display with frequency and channel readout.

Licensed radio amateurs are allowed to modify this transceiver to use on the 10m (28Mhz) band (28.000-29.700) with plenty of power, up to 15 watts AM/ 30 watts FM / 30 watts SSB.

      Specifications :

  • Up/down scan and memo scan
  • LCD with frequency and channel readout
  • RF and mic gain controls
  • Dualwatch, CH9 and CH19 switching
  • Separate controls for volume, squelch, and R.I.T (clarifier)
  • Adjustable power output
  • 10 step power/S meter
  • 5 x memory channels
  • Menu functions : beep, roger beep, time out timer,  7 x panel colours
  • 6 pin microphone socket, extension speaker socket
  • Shift and Repeater shift features for amateur repeater use on the 10m  28MHz Amateur band.


  • Country codes :-
  • UK and int : 40FM/4watts
  • D : 80FM/4watts . 40AM/4watts . 40SSB/12watts
  • EC : 40FM/4watts
  • E new : 40FM/4watts . 40AM/4watts . 40SSB/12watts
  • PO : 40FM/4watts . 40AM/4watts .  40SSB/12watts

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