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1/2 wave cb base station antenna with 15 meter coax and 2 Plugs

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1/2 wave cb base station antenna 26 - 28mhz with 15 meter standard 5mm coaxial cable and 2 - PL259 plugs

Base station 1/2 Wave is a basic silver rod antenna.
It performs extremely well and is great value for money
Power Handling 1000watts 
Length 5.35m 
Gain 4.1db 
Impendance 50 Ohms 
Frequency 26-28Mhz 
SWR 1:1. 1.3 
Mounting Pole Bracket
2 x U Bolts
also perfect for the popular 10 metre (28MHz) amateur band

Coaxial Cable Key Features / Specifications

Size: 5mm standard

Impedance: 50 ohms 

Core: Stranded

Braid: 69% 80 X 0.12

Loss per 10M @ 100MHz :2.0dBd

PL-259 Plugs

Key Features / Specifications

Internal diameter 5.2mm

Male UHF plug (PL-259)

Solder terminal

For 6mm cable RG58

All metal body


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