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Customer Pictures

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Mr R Hallatt 5/8 wave Skip Master
Mr R Hallatt 19 Aug 2017 UK 5/8 wave Skipmaster
Phillip Holland 20 Aug 2017 AU SE HF X80
Skip Master 5/8 wave
Peter Rotherham 22 Aug 2017 UK 5/8 wave Skipmaster
Peter Briggs AU 5/8 wave
Peter Briggs Austrailia 5/8 wave
Mr Brian Mitchell from AU Aug 13 - 2017 - 1/2 wave Skipmaster
Mr David Gibson (Thirsk) Sep 2017 5/8 wave High Gain
 Ray from Thornaby UK Nov 2017 Sirio 827
Kelloe UK Sunday 11 - Feb 2018 Sirio Signal Keeper
Complete Brand New Installation by SKYCOM CB & Amateur Radio
Mr Gordon from NZ march 2018 & his HF X80 Antenna
Purchased from
1/2 wave Skipmaster mounted above a Sirio SY-3
2018 supplied by SKYCOM CB & Amateur Radio
Mr W Court from AU 2018
5/8 wave High Gain
Picture supplied by HF360
Mr Steve G (s) Hartlepool fri 8 march 2019
purchased from skycom cb & amateur radio